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About Willard

Frances Willard has served the West Scranton Community at its present site since 1928.  Our boundaries consist of Keyser Avenue on the west, the Lackawanna River on the east, the odd side Luzerne Street on the north, to the borough of Taylor on the south.  There are presently 368 students enrolled in our kindergarten through grade 5.  Frances Willard Elementary operates under the premise of "what is best for all children".  Our principles and practices are committed to meet the academic, physical, social and emotional needs of our students.Our instruction is child centered and committed to developing each child's potential to the maximum.
Curriculum development is an ongoing process that lends itself to integrate the content areas of Language Arts, Reading, Science, Social Studies and Mathematics wherever and however possible. We feel the development of our students' cognitive processes and basic skills lead to a smooth transition into an intermediate learning environment.
Planned courses have been developed in the following units:
  • Pearson Reading Series  
  • Everyday Math  
  • Science   
  • Social Studies
  • Library    
  • Art
  • Physical Education  
  • Music  
Frances Willard Elementary offers numerous educational programs from preschool through fifth grade.  Among these offerings are the following:
Professional Support (consultation, direct services, or diagnostic interventions)     

1.   Principal    
2.   Diagnostician    
3.   Title One Reading Specialists    
4.   Classroom Reduction Teacher    
5.   Speech Clinicians    
6.   School Psychologist    
7.   Art, Physical Ed. and Music   
8.   School Nurse    
9.   Intensive Case Management (Scranton Counseling Center)    
10. Children and Youth Services     

Paraprofessionals (direct service and diagnostic interventions)     
1.  Special Education Classroom Aides       
2.  Kindergarten Aides    
3.  Library Aide    
4.  Maintenance Personnel     

Special Education Services available at Willard School     

1.  Life Skills Support    
2.  Learning Support (included in reg. Ed.)    
3.  Occupational Therapy    
4.  Physical Therapy    
5.  Speech Therapy    
6.  Vision Therapy    
7.  Gifted Program     

Additional Programs:     
1.   SBBH Services    
2.   All Day Kindergarten Program    
3.   Parent Teacher Association    
4.   D.A.R.E.    
5.   Student observers and Student Teachers in cooperation with Marywood University and the University of Scranton.
6.   Junior Deputy Program of Lackawanna County
7.    Breakfast in the classroom program
8  Star Student of the Month Program
9  Physical Fitness Challenge (5th Grade)
10.Track and Field District Competitions
11.  Special Olympics District Competititons
12.  Parent Volunteer Program
13.  Artist in Residency
14.  Arts Engage Program