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Phase II of Continuity of Education Plan for SSD

Wildcats Down the Home Stretch

Hello Willard Families, I am reaching out to you today to officially announce Phase II of the Continuity of Education plan for the Scranton School Disrict

Starting Monday, April 27th, the district will move to a more formal version of Virual or Distance Education. It is EXPECTED that all students participate in the online learning programs, everyday. This fourth quarter will be graded on a Pass / Fail basis and much of the grade will be based on participation.

Over the past few weeks, the district and the school have asked families to contact us if you need to borrow a Chromebook and also relayed information about affordable internet solutions.

Yesterday, we were able to lend nearly 50 chromebooks to families in need. I have had many request that have come in overnight and today. We will be setting up a second curbside lending event for the afternoon of Monday, April 27th.

If you emailed me or notified your teacher, expect a call today/tomorrow to set up a specific appointment to pick up a device in front of the school Monday afternoon. Several people who scheduled yesterday did not show.

A second one call will be going out today to those students who have not been particiaping so far. The message will be a reminder that the Pennsylvania Department of Education and the district expect active participation in this on line format.

We know how difficult these last weeks have been for everyone, MOST of our familes are doing a fantasic job already, the format won’t be a big change for you. We are asking those folk’s who have not been on or been on consistently to make sure your students are online working.
Thank you all for going the extra mile for your children. We appreciate your efforts.

Please stay safe and follow the CDC guidelines, we hope to see you as soon as possible.

Jake Williams

Source: Mr. Williams